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The legend of the Milky Way, oil on glass painting

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The legend of the milky way oil on glass painting - Legenda caii lactee pictura in ulei pe sticla

This is my oil on glass painting of Hera, Hera’s milk, what the greeks believed it was the Milky way and baby boy Heracles. I’ve made this painting yesterday

The two faces of Persephone

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The two faces of Persephone oil on canvas painting


This is my painting of the daughter of Demeter with her two faces, Kore, the maiden aspect of the goddess the goddess of spring, the bright side and persephone, the queen of the underworld, the wife of Hades, the dark side

Leda and the swan

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This is my pencil drawing of Leda and Zeus as a swan, a drawing I’ve made yesterday

Zeus became a swan to be with Leda, the daughter of the king Testios of Etolia. Zeus and Leda had 4 children who came out of the swan’s eggs : the twins Castor and Pollux, Clytimenstra and Elena.

Some say the swan was a male but the legend says this swan could make eggs. How can a male swan make eggs?

Maybe the ancient Greeks knew that in birds the females have the XY sex chromosomes, while males have XX. In this legend Zeus was the mother and Leda was the father, so the roles were reverted.

The legend of Kore

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In the Greek mythology Kore (the young maiden) was the juvenile aspect of Persephone, the bright side of the goddess, a goddess of spring. Kore was the parthenogenetic daughter of Demeter.

One day Kore was abducted by Hades to become his wife Persephone (destroyer of light), the queen of the underworld.

These are my drawings of the the innocent Kore and the hand of Hades rising from the ground to take her to the underworld








The Pleiades

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The pleiades, oil painting

This is my newest oil painting of the Pleiades, the seven sisters, followers of Artemis, daughters of Atlas and Pleione