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About me and my art

My name is Corina Chirila and I use to draw and paint since I was almost 14 be cause the world I create in my drawings an paintings is the only place where I can be free, the only place, where I can be myself. My over 2000 drawings of beautiful women


I’ve made over 2000 drawings and paintings since 2000 motivated by my own dreams, fantasies and feelings.I use to draw and paint all the things I dream of but I cannot reach.



Everytime I feel lonely I draw and paint.I’ve made this drawings in this short movies in my lonley moments when I felt the need to be loved.


My drawings of beautiful women

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  1. Ishtar Babilu Dingir

    Hi Corinna, I love your painting of the Pleiades and would like to borrow it for an article I’m writing on the Pleiades linked to Beltane for my blog the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Would you be willing for me to use it and attribute it you, with a link back here to your Blog?

    Many thanks,


  2. Ishtar Babilu Dingir

    Thanks, Corinna.

    You can see it here:

    Let me know if that’s all OK.

    Best wishes


  3. Hi Korinna,

    I was wondering if I could use your painting with the lifetree and embryos for a little project I’m working on. It’s about you’ll ‘get what you give’. We are not supposed to take things of nature, without giving something in return. I believe your painting fits in pefectly… We should take care of nature, ’cause nature gives us new life.
    I hope you’ll let me use the painting, it touches me.

    Cynthia (from Holland, by the way)

  4. Brian Clayton

    Dear Korinna

    I have just finished a short story (my first) entitled The Distant Stargazer, and would dearly love to use your wonderful image of the Seven Sisters (the favourite constellation of the boy in the story). If I mention your name/link to website may I please use it?

  5. Tesie and Ingrid

    As I live with another girl I love this paintings, drawings. I was pointed to you by a friend from Hungary. I used one at my site with copyright0- i admire your work-Tess and Ingrid

  6. Hi Korinna
    Wow I’ve just found your blog and I love your pictures of women! I’ve been drawing since I was a teenager too. Sadly all of my work has been thrown away, because it was always a secret, even after I started dating a woman (I was never sure if she’d be freaked out by it). I also write lesbian stories, and just recently I finally talked to my partner about it and she was so wonderful to tell me to share my passion with the world! So I’ve started a blog, and I would like to include some drawings when I’ve done some. Anyway just Hi and to let you know you’re inspiring to me!
    Best, Cody

    • Corina, I wonder if you would be interested in an exchange? I would love to write a story about the characters in one of your drawings (you choose); and you could draw the characters in one of my stories? And we add the results to our blogs? What do you think? Best wishes, C

  7. Hi Korinna
    I really like your painting of the Pleiades and your blog!
    I have just finished composing a piece of music about the Pleiades.At present I am constructing a video to upload to Youtube and I would love to be able to use your beautiful picture, so am asking your permission.

  8. Hi,
    How do I buy your art?


  10. Chen Jian (CCChin)

    Dear Korinna,

    I am Chen Jian from Singapore, I have done quite some translations (into Chinese) of Eminescu’s poems before and had published a book sponsored by the Embassy of Romania. To update the translation, I will be publishing a collection of my translation of Eminescu’s poems soon. For better projection of his poems, I would like to include a few drawings and paintings that were based upon Eminescu’s poems in the book. You are great artist and I like very much your drawings and paintings. I write to ask for your kind permission to include your painting and drawing that was posted in your website, in particular, the one shows the girl walking into the pond with lotus and with moon shining in the sky. I will acknowledge you to print your name under the painting and if you like I will include as well your website. The book is not for sale but to be distributed among Chinese poets.

    Warmest regards

  11. Dear Korinna,

    Thank you very much for your permission. Hope that you will visit Singapore when convenient.

    Warmest regards

  12. Hi Korinna,
    This is David McDaniel from Chicago, Illinois. I’m an artist and a big fan of your drawings. I am not quite as prolific as you are, but think our art has a lot in common. If you get a chance check out my website, and let me know what you think. Ok, hope to hear from you some time.

  13. Kimberly Kuhns

    How can I buy your art?

  14. I found your space very very beautiful. Thank you

  15. Thanks for the add, the other one would not allow me to follow.. so here I am carrying on.. I had stopped adding to the Earthen Girl page, and was going to go away permanently to learn how to paint and draw my dreams, but my inner guidance has said that I came here (to the Earth) to write so I will continue to sing my song.. your story has inspired me to share more from the journey of we who spend years dreaming about our love, and the leap to where I am now in understanding that those dreams were about my nightly journey Home… so for June I will renew the commercial free status and continue to sing my song there… that others who spend a life time dreaming of their love my hear their song singing in my song… Thank you for your inspiration… I love your art work….

  16. I want to buy one of your drawings, the Love Tree with the two women. Please contact me 561-578-9492 or email me. Thank you


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