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I’ve made this painting inspired by the Rosette Nebula, this space rose that reminds me of the delicate beauty of red roses and young girls.This is my view of this space rose. This is the warm dream of love these red space rose creates in my mind.This painting was sold two years ago. The rosette nebula is a wonderful nebula in the Monoceros constelation.


I have the world

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I have the world

These is the painting I’ve made inspired by Delyno’s song “I have the world”, a wonderful pacifist song with wonderful lyrics

I have the entire world inside
Inside my soul cause I
Don’t wanna live alone
Don’t Wanna die!
I have the entire world inside
Inside my heart so I
I’m gonna sing my song
And touch the sky!
If u seek my dreams
Flying over you
You will know the truth
Let’s enjoy the fun
No, no bomb, no gun
Just lïght of the sun!


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This is my watercolor painting of Elisse, the way I imagine her when I listen to Bethoven’s song Fur Elisse, a beautiful young woman with long curly brown hair and brown eyes, wearing white underwear, standing on a white silk bed, with white lilies and roses around her, I see her on the white bed. Everything is white around her, pure bright white, a symbol of her innocence. She is so delicate beautiful young and pure like a white flower. It is not clear who was Elisse but this is the way the song makes me imagine her

My Galateea

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This is my watercolor painting of Aphrodite giving life to Galateea, the statue Pygmalion, her creator was in love with.

Just like Pygmalion did, I have my own Galateea, my own dream of love and beauty, the perfect lady of my mind. I’ve made many drawings and paintings of her, over 2000. Every time I feel lonely the only thing I can see in my mind is her. My brain created her but I am so in love with her and the only thing I need is Aphrodite to give life to her and bring her into my real life.

A winter queen

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This in my painting of a winter queen, so cold so bad but so beautiful. When she looks at me her eyes are freezing me. Everything she touch is turned into ice. Her dark hair is shining in the aurora light. She is the beauty of the winter and the aurora of the night

Who was Eminescu’s muse?

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  Lacul - pictura

I’ve always wondered who was the muse of Mihai Eminescu, one of the greatest poets in Romania. Who  was that innocent young girl with golden hair, white shin and blue eyes he wrote about in many of his poems?


Many of us know about Veronica Micle but Veronica Micle was not the great love of Mihai Eminescu, that mysterious girl in his poems was. Ha always said in his poems that his muse was a virgin, a very young girl with golden hair while Veronica was already married and had a child when Eminescu knew her and Veronica’s hair was dark, not blonde

Some people say she was an imaginary ideal woman he was only dreaming. This may be my case but not Eminescu’s case.That beautiful girl really existed in his life. He has some poems where he says she is dead. I thing these poems were written for the girl Eminescu loved when he was just a teenager, a girl in his village who died when she was just 19. Eminescu could never forget her and she was in all of his poems, like a ghost from the past. His poems made me dream of her and fall in love with her too. She was so beautiful, no only physically, she had a wonderful soul. She was like an angel, so beautiful, so pure.  I wish she was real. I’ve made many drawings and paintings of her until now

Muza lui Mihai Eminescu

This is my drawing of her inspired from one of Eminescu’s poems



Blue flower

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These is the way I imagined the girl who was the first love of Mihai Eminescu after I read his poem “Floare albastra(Blue flower)”. These beautiful young girl with golden hair died when she was just 19. The poet could never forget her and his pain can be felt in his poems. He wrote most of his poems in her memory. She was so beautiful, not only physically. She was like an angel with a beautiful body and soul. She was so pure, so innocent. I’ve never meet her but these poems made me fall in love with her and feel all the feelings the poet felt when he wrote these poems.


"You ride the clouds and range the sky
Your net about the stars cast;
But do remember dear at last
My soul can never soar so high.

You build tall palaces in Spain
Of fancy’s fragile masonry;
You search in vain the sullen sea
And roam Assyria’s plains in vain.

The pyramids their summits press
Against the clouded heavens high,
Dear heart, it is not wise to fly
Too far afield for happiness!"

T’was thus she spoke in whispers low,
Her hand laid softly on my head,
But l just laughed and nothing said,
Yet what she told was truth, l know.

"Come where cool crystal brooks complain
Their fleeting fate midst forest greens,
And where the hanging cliff out leans
As though to thunder on the plain.

And somewhere, up some little glade,
To gather raspberries we will climb,
Or sit and watch the sky sublime
From near the rushes’ tasselled shade.

While many a story you will tell,
And many a lie you’ll whisper too;
But l will read on petals true
You love me not, you love me well.

As rosy as an apple’s rind
Will be my cheeks burnt by the sun,
And my long golden hair undone
Around your neck in coils you’ll wind.

While if your lips on mine should burn
No one in all the world will know,
My hat is broad…and even so,
T’were only your and my concern.

And whet moon comes shining through
The gap where tangled branches part,
You’ll hold me very close, dear heart,
And l will clasp my arms round you.

And when we walk the twilight gloom
Of forest paths that homeward run,
We’ll gather many a kiss, each one
As fragrant as the violets’ bloom.

And long amid the starlight glow
We’ll stand to talk outside my gate,
For no one comes that way so late,
And who should care l love you so?"

Another kiss and she was gone;
Like post l stood in the moan’s stream!
O beautiful beyond a dream,
O small blue flower all my own!


Alas our love that grew so fair
Has flown and faded from that hour,
O my blue flower, my blue flower!
The world is sorrow everywhere.


(Translated by Corneliu M. Popescu)