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The Cydonia pyramid

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he Cydonia D&M pyramid the face on Mars and the milky way oil on canvas painting

This is my oil on canvas painting of the pentagonal pyramid in the Cydonia region on Mars. This painting has been sold today.

The D&M pyramid and the face in the Cydonia region on Mars painted with coffee

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Piramidele si fata din zona Cydonia de pe Marte pictura facuta cu cafea - Coffee painting of the pyramids and face on mars

This is the painting of the D&M pentagonal pyramid and face in the Cydonia region on Mars I’ve made yesterday using only coffee

Ancient Mars

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This is my oil painting of the ancient Mars, a planet like our Earth, a planet with an ocean in the northern hemisphere and a continent covered with vegetation in the southern hemisphere. By that time there was life on Mars and maybe a Martian civilization and  they’ve built the pyramids in the Cydonia region and some pyramids on Earth.


Something destroyed life on Mars and I thing that something was an object made of strange quark matter or an object with a relativistic speed, an object with a strong gravitational field that hit the planet creating the Hellas Platina and the  Tharsis Montes.