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Monthly Archives: March 2012

The depressive tree, coffee painting

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Singuratatea si depresie Copacul despresiv pictura facuta cu cafea

This is my coffee painting of a depressive tree, lonely and depressed like the person who stands under it. This is a tree that tries to keep it’s roots in the past being afraid of the future, almost broken by the wind of change that blows, a dark tree, dark like the sadness, a tree with no leafs and heavy branches that go down, a tree that looks like it’s crying

Sappho and the girl with the violet tiara, the girl she wrote the poem “No word” for

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Sappho and the girl with a violet tiara

This is my color pencil drawing of Sappho and the girls she wrote the poem “No word” for, a very sad poem about a girl who has to leave the island and Sappho unwillingly This is what happened to many women in the past. They were forced to marry men who they didn’t love and leave the true love behind. Their life was so painful and sad be cause they didn’t have the freedom and the right to choose the person to spend their life with. This happened in Romania too in the past. There is a waterfall in our country where a young bride committed suicide be cause she had to marry a man she didn’t love and there was nothing she could do.

This is the poem I am talking about


I have had not one word from her
Frankly I wish I were dead.
When she left, she wept
a great deal; she said to
me, “This parting must be
endured, Sappho. I go unwillingly.”
I said, “Go, and be happy
but remember (you know
well) whom you leave shackled by love
“If you forget me, think
of our gifts to Aphrodite
and all the loveliness that we shared
“all the violet tiaras,
braided rosebuds, dill and
crocus twined around your young neck
“myrrh poured on your head
and on soft mats girls with
all that they most wished for beside them
“while no voices chanted
choruses without ours,
no woodlot bloomed in spring without song…”


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gastrula pictura embrion

This is my painting of an embryo in the gastrulation stage of development, when the arhenteron is formed


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Neurula embrion pictura neurulatio embryo painting

This is my painting of a neurula, an embryo in the neurulation stage of development, when the ectoderm generates the neural plate, the neural tube and finally the nervous system.


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Earthrise drawing

An alien landscape with Earth like planet and gas giant planet, color pencil drawing.


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Cancerous cells, pencil drawing

Cancerous cell

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Celula canceroasa

Cancerous cell, pencil drawing

The human DNA

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Human DNA - ADNul uman si viata desen in pix

This is my latest pen and Photoshop drawing

Protecting life

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Protecting life and the DNA - Ocrotind ADNul si viata


Protecting the DNA and life, pen drawing modified in Photoshop

The key of love

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Cheia iubirii pictura ulei pe panza- The key of love oil on canvas painting

The key of love, oil on canvas painting