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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Love and desire oil on canvas painting

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Love and desire oil on canvas painting - Pasiune si dorinta pictura ulei pe panza

I wish I could feel her, feel her hot breath, her kisses on my neck. I’ve made the painting above, an oil on canvas painting full of emotion thinking about the love I cannot have and wanting it to be real

The legend of the Milky Way, oil on glass painting

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The legend of the milky way oil on glass painting - Legenda caii lactee pictura in ulei pe sticla

This is my oil on glass painting of Hera, Hera’s milk, what the greeks believed it was the Milky way and baby boy Heracles. I’ve made this painting yesterday

Two girls in love in the autumn wind, coffee painting

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Lovers in the wind coffee painting

I’ve made this painting today using only coffee and chocolate. This is my painting of two girl in love standing in the autumn wind while everything around seems to be against them

The great white wolf of the Dacians

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The great Dacian wolf, oil on canvas painting

Hot lesbian coffee painting

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Lesbians kissing coffee painting

This is a painting of two lesbians kissing I’ve made using only coffee. This painting has bee sold last week

Then tree of the kiss painted with coffee

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The tree of the kiss coffee painting