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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Moon Dream

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Moon dream, tempera painting

Moon dream, tempera painting

When I listened to Schiller’s song “Dream of you” I’ve seen with the eyes of my mind this image. I was on the moon watching the Earth. While I was there, alone, watching our blue planet a beautiful young girl came to me. Her skin was so white  and she had stars in her black hair. Her white semitransparent dress was revealing her beautiful delicate body. This is my painting of her. I should make her shin even brighter and more phantomatic

The energy in all of us, The flower of the Universe

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Painting inspired by the song "Freedom"

Painting inspired by the song "Freedom"

This is the image Dj Andi’s song created in my mind

Song Lyrycs:

This is freedom
You’re smiling
I’m smiling too
Cause this is freedom
Together we’ll find the truth
You know it’s freedom
When bad things
Feel so damn good
Can you feel it..

The energy in all of us
The flower of the universe
I’m never gonna set you free
You’ll always bee a part of me