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Life on another planet – Alien landscape with primitive plants

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Peisaj cu plante primitive de pe alta planeta Peisaj de pe alta planeta cu plante primitive gen Psyllophyton

This is my drawing of another planet where primitive plants grow in shallow waters. The planet is the moon of a Jupiter like gas giant planet.

The plants in this drawing are fluorescent too

The cosmic DNA – The spiral of life on Earth and in the Galaxy – oil on wood painting

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ADNul cosmic, spirala vietii pe Pamant si in galaxie, pictura ulei pe lemn - Oil on wood painting of the cosmic DNA the spyral of life on Earth and in the galaxy

This is the cosmic DNA, the spiral of life on Earth and in the galaxy, my newest oil on wood painting

The cosmic DNA – Earth and the spiral of life

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ADN - Spirala vietii

This is my latest painting representing the spiral of life in the universe, the cosmic DNA, and a planet like our Earth. This is my artistic vision of life from the DNA double helix to stars with Earth-like planets where there are lots of living creatures