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Monthly Archives: November 2011

A new winter painting

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A winter queen, a goddess of the north, oil on canvas painting

This is my newest winter painting, an oil on canvas painting of a winter queen, a goddess of the north and cold in a frozen polar cave with ice that shines in the light of the blue stars and aurora borealis

Aurora on a cold planet

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Aurora on a cold planet

I’ve made this painting when I was 16 but I’ve improoved it today

The cold eyes of winter

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The cold eyes of winter, oil on canvas painting

This is a painting I’ve made this week, an oil on canvas winter painting called the cold eyes of winter, a painting of the coldness of winter.

Tiffany Fallon

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Tiffany Fallon pencil drawing portrait

This is my pencil portrait drawing of Tiffany Fallon.

The birth of Jesus

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Nasterea lui Iisus Hristos

This is my pencil drawing of Maria giving life to Jesus Christ

Kate Middleton naked

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Kate Middleton naked

This is my pencil drawing of Kate Middleton… naked.

Two girls making love

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Doua femei facand dragoste - Two women making love

This is a red pen drawing of two girls making love I’ve made today.

Sad girl

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Sad woman - Fata trista si ganditoare

My drawing of a sad girl thinking and thinking again

Carmen Electra naked

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Carmen Electra

This is my pencil drawing of Carmen Electra naked. I wish I had a girlfriend like Carmen Electra

The death of Orpheus

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Moartea lui Orfeu - The death of Orpheus

This my pencil drawing of the Maenads killing Orpheus.