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Kore or a girl from the ancient Greece

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Kore, pencil drawing of a young girl from the ancient Greece


This is a pencil drawing I’ve made starting from a Kore statue. These statues  represented young girls, maybe teenagers, maidens (in Greek language kore means maiden). Some say the statues were representations of the goddess Persephone also called Kore while others thing they were just girls that lived by that time in Greece and inspired the sculptors.

From Sappho and the ancient Greek civilization to the actual orthodox Greece

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Sappho the poet of Lesbos and Gongyla, painting

This is my painting of the poet Sappho and Gongyla one of her muses. Looking at this painting and thinking about Sappho and her poetry that has been lost and the actual Greek culture one idea comes to my mind. Thee Greeks that lived by her time were more open minded and civilized than those who live now and CHRISTIANITY is responsible for this. The Christians have destroyed the poems of Sappho be cause they were wrote by a bisexual(?) woman. I thing the main reason they did this was Sappho’s gender. Sappho was a woman and they, just like the Muslims, considered women are inferior and dirty.  The abrahamic religions such as Christianity ans Islam promote misogyny, discrimination and hate against LGBT people while they are talking about love and wisdom at the same time.

Sappho and Gongyla, one of her muses, oil on canvas painting


I don’t knw if Sappho was bisexual (She couldn’t be 100% lesbian in the actual meaning of the word be cause she was married to a man, she had a daughter and she wrote love poems for men too, not only poems dedicated to young girls) but one thing is clear: Sappho was a  feminist. Sappho was a promoter of the feminine values, such as beauty, aesthetic sense, softness etc. Sappho was teaching young girls to be more feminine, to be proud of their femininity and love themselves for what they are.  I don’t know if the legends about the homosexuality of the girls who came to the Isle of Lesbos to become the followers of Sappho were real but the Isle of Lesbos was one of the places where women had more rights than in other places where they had no right to decide, not even about their own life, they were forced into marriage, raped and used only for giving birth to children.  That’s what Christians hated, the fact a woman can do something better than a man and encourage young girls to rise their heads and say no to the male domination.  That’s why they destroyed her poems and for the same reason they killed the scientist Hypatia, who was a great mathematician interested in astronomy too. The Christians made the Greek people  misogynous, homophobic and very intolerant. In the ancient Greece homosexuality was not punished and gay and lesbian people could live normal lives but now the church intrigues to hate against them while many of  their own monks in the Athos mountain (where the access of women is forbidden)  are gay and hide this and judge others for this.

The Christianity has pulled Greek civilization backwards and unfortunately the Greek orthodox church is still strong keeping the nation from progress. I thing this has to do with the European recession too  be cause Romania and Greece, two orthodox were worst hit by the economical crisis. A lot of money go to the orthodox church making it stronger and stronger and affecting the country’s economy. I know the situation in Romania that is similar to Greece. We have no money for the health system and for education but we have for cathedrals and priests get more money than doctors and teachers. We have no money for research but we have for church. This brings Romania and Greece closer to Islamic countries  like Iran and Afganistan, countries ruled by religion and not by rational principles and far away from the civilized world. There are so many similarities between orthodoxy and Islam be cause these religions have a common origin.

I don’t know why the orthodox church has a strong influence in the eastern Europe even now in the 21 th century, when science has proved the bible is just a mixture of stupid texts and God doesn’t exist.