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Abanthis and Gongyla

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These are my drawings of Abanthis playing lyre for Gongyla, the girl she was in love with. A poem written by Sappho has inspired me to draw this.

This is the poem

Please Abanthis your Sappho calls you:
Won’t you take your Lydian lyre and play
Another song to Gongyla while desire still
flutters your heart-strings

for that girl, that beautiful girl: her dresses
clinging makes you shake when you see it, and i’m
happy for the goddess herself once blamed me
Our Lady of Cyprus

The Roman mandala in the ancient city of Tomis

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This is my painting of a mandala the romans have made in the ancient city of Tomis, today’s Constanta.

A new painting aboutlove, soulmates and butterflies

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A new painting aboutlove, soulmates and butterflies

One of my paintings about love, soulmates and butterfly wings, a colorful acrylics on canvas painting

My winter queen

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Winter fantasy sexy nude woman painting - Fantezie de iarna pictura nud

She is my winter queen, so beautiful, so distant, so cold, freezing my soul, making me feel so blue. I wish she was not that cold, rejecting me all the time, I wish she was the sun in my life, loving me, bringing the spring into my empty heart. This painting is about what I felt so many times before.

My pencil drawing of a beautiful nude woman

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sexy naked girl pencil drawing - nud desen in creion

Two girls kissing – Lesbian fantasy drawing

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Lesbians kissing erotica pencil drawing

How much I wish I was with a beautiful woman now. I wish I could feel her nexto me, feel her warm embraces, her kisses. I’ve made this drawing one day feeling so lonely, dremimg about the love I cannot have in my life

Dream drops or dreams of love in a dream universe

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Dream drops or dreams of love in a dream universe
Dreamdrops or dreams of love in a dream universe painting

Dream drops or dreams of love in my universe, acrylics on canvas painting

This week there is only one thing I’ve been thinking about: my past and future loves, the woman I want to love, so I’ve made this painting thinking about her, imagining her in a dream universe, holding spheres of water in her hands ( in 0 gravity conditions water tends to form spheres due to the surface tension forces). Dreams can be seen in those water spheres, like images in a crystal ball