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Incinerator – fire smoke ashes air pollution death and total destruction by cremation

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This is a distopic view of the future, a world where the vegetation has been replaced by garbage and dead people are cremated being destroyed by fire the same way garbage is destroyed by fire, a world of air pollution and toxic smoke.

I’ve made this cause is a project to built waste incinerators here in Romania, around Bucharest. There is already an incinerator near Bucharest. It’s a Stericycle incinerator where aborted babies are burned with the medical waste, in the same place, at the same time, an incinerator that is poisoning our air daily. I cannot imagine what the air in Bucharest will be like when the other incinerators will be functional burning tons of garbage daily. Bucharest has the most polluted air in the Europe now. I dont wanna thing of that day it will be 7 times more polluted.

I’ve also been inspired by the cremation of Zina Dumitrescu to paint this. She has been cremated against her will by her son. Cremation is the most horrible thing that can be done to a dead human being. It’s the supreme criminal act cause it’s destroying that something we uso to call spirit, the cellular memory that is giving us the counciousness, the memory that remans stored in tissues and organs after death and can be transmited to a living person by an organ transplant. There are many cases of people who have recived donator’s personality and memories with the organ they’ve got.

If the body is cremated the soul is permanently destroyed and that person is totally killed forever. If the body is buried in the soil than the molecules of memory are passed from the decomposing body to plants, animals and other living creatures, so we can say the soul is reincarnating in other life forms, it can continue it’s life as a worm, a tree, an insect, a bird etc and later another human being.

That’s why civilizations that used to burn their dead people have vanished from history, leaving nothing behind, like the dacians did, while the Egypt and other civilizations that respected the dead not burning them like trash have survived for thousands of years, leaving deep traces in our culture and history. Even the roman empire has entered it’s decline period when cremation has become popular.

That’s one of the reasons why abrahamic religions have survived for thousands of years and have spread all over the world. They prohibit cremation. For the orthodox christians burning a body is a blasphemy, while the body is seen as a temple of the soul and in islam no living creature should be burned, not even a plant, an animal or an aborted embryo and fire can by used only by the creator as a punishment. The prophet has said that “to break a bone of a dead person is like breaking it in life” so dead people should be treated with same same reaspect living people are treated with, not burned like an ordinary piece of trash we want to get rid of.

While religious people are not cremated their religion remains there in their memory molecules and it’s passed to other living people.

There is also another aspect. What will people of the future think about us if the find nothing, not even a bone from us? They will say we didn’t even exist or we have been cannibals, like we say about the dacians and other people who have lived in Europe by that time leaving no trace of their existance.

Cremationists claim that cremation is a good alternative to burial cause it save precious teritories and it’s eco friendly. Fucking big lies. How can you say burnung someting is eco friendly while it’s polluting the air we breathe? How can you say a human being values less than 2 sqare m of ground? If we keep going in this direction than by the time an alimentary will come crisis these cremationists or other people like them will say it’s ok to eat human flesh and canibalism will be encouraged the same way cremation is encouraged today.

The Roman mandala in the ancient city of Tomis

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This is my painting of a mandala the romans have made in the ancient city of Tomis, today’s Constanta.