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The human DNA

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Human DNA - ADNul uman si viata desen in pix

This is my latest pen and Photoshop drawing

The tree of life with enbryos growing like fruits

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Copac din vase de sange cu embrioni si fetusi pe post de fructe desen facut cu pixul

This is my red pen drawing of the tree of life, a tree made of blood vessels with embryos growing like fruit on it.

Two girls making love

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Doua femei facand dragoste - Two women making love

This is a red pen drawing of two girls making love I’ve made today.

Dolphin love

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Delfini indragostiti  in lumina lunii desen facut cu pixul - Dolphin love in the moonlight pen drawing

This is my blue pen drawing of two dolphins who are in love. I’ve made this drawing today