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The legend of Kore

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In the Greek mythology Kore (the young maiden) was the juvenile aspect of Persephone, the bright side of the goddess, a goddess of spring. Kore was the parthenogenetic daughter of Demeter.

One day Kore was abducted by Hades to become his wife Persephone (destroyer of light), the queen of the underworld.

These are my drawings of the the innocent Kore and the hand of Hades rising from the ground to take her to the underworld








About Korinna

I am an artist and a verry sensitive person. I use to draw and paint since I was almost 14. I use to draw and paint all the things I dream of but I can never reach. For me art is the most beautiful way to express my deepest feelings and toughts. By my art I create my own world, the only place where I can be myself.There are many other things to say but I thing my art can describe me better than words

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