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The tree of life and the colors of the rainbow, fluorescent drawings and painting

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A star and the energy of a pyramid, fluorescent drawing

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A drawing and a painting for the Earth Day

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Watch the Earth color pencil drawing with fluorescent rainbow around the Earth

Today, april 22, is the Warth Day so I posted my fluorescent drawing and my oil on canvas painting for the Earth

Watch the Earth oil on canvas painting

Euglena dance, fluorescent drawing

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Dansul euglenelor verzi desen fluorescent - Euglena viridis drawing

This is “Euglena dance”, my newest fluorescent drawing.

The end of the rainbow – Noah’s Ark

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Arca lui Noe - The end of the rainbow

This is my drawing of Noah’s Ark at the end of the journey when the rainbow appeared on the shy.

The end of the rainbow - Arca lui Noe desen cu curcubeu fluorescent

Be cause I used fluorescent colors for the rainbow I’ve made this picture of the drawing in blue light.

Alien eyes, fluorescent drawing in blue light

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Ochi de extraterestru

I’ve made this drawing of the eyes of an alien using different types of green, fluorescent and not fluorescent I’ve put it in blue light and this is how it looks like.

See the rainbow in your eyes

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Privire in culorile curcubeului

This is “Rainbow eyes”, a drawing I’ve made using florescent colors.