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Dream drops or dreams of love in a dream universe

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Dream drops or dreams of love in a dream universe
Dreamdrops or dreams of love in a dream universe painting

Dream drops or dreams of love in my universe, acrylics on canvas painting

This week there is only one thing I’ve been thinking about: my past and future loves, the woman I want to love, so I’ve made this painting thinking about her, imagining her in a dream universe, holding spheres of water in her hands ( in 0 gravity conditions water tends to form spheres due to the surface tension forces). Dreams can be seen in those water spheres, like images in a crystal ball

Mermaids in love

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Mermaids in love



Sirene indragostite pictura mermaids in love painting

Since I was a little kid I found mermaids so fascinationg and I wanted to see one. This is my latest mermaid painting, a painting of two mermaids in love and in the gallery below you can see my old drawings and paintings of mermaids in love. I’ve made these drawings and paintings when I was a teenager

You can watch me painting my mermaids in love in the video below

The portrait of Ruby Rose with green hair

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Ruby Rose

Rub Rose, acrylic on canvas painting

One of my friends is a fan of Ruby Rose. She asked me to paint the portrait of Ruby and I’ve made this painting for her. I love Ruby Rose too. Her look, her style, her blue eyes, they all remind me of a woman I once loved

Me and my love watching the city

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Me and my love watching the city, painting

This is one of my teenage dreams, me with a girl with long dark hair, taller than me, holding hands, watching the modern city. I’ve never meet her but I had many dreams of her by the time I was 15


Kiss the bride with pride

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Kiss the bride with pride, pencil drawing


Me in her arms, pencil drawing

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Me and my love, erotic pencil drawing

I wish she was next to me, holding me so tight, loving me. I wish she was real. I’ve made this pencil drawing in my lonely moments, dreaming of the love I am not allowed to have

The tree family

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A tree painted by a 7 years old school kid

This painting has been made by a school kid. These are not just trees. This is a family, the Little trees, the offsprings growing next to the big old tree, the parent