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Thoughs about the universe, oil on canvas painting

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Cosmic mind oil on canvas painting cu gandul la univers si la Big-Bang sau viziunea lui Mihai Eminescu din scrisoarea 1 pictura ulei pe panza

Cosmic mind, oil on canvas painting

Black hole

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Black hole oil on canvas painting

This is my oil on canvas painting of a black hole and the stars around that are deformed by it’s gravitational field

Galaxy, oil on wood painting

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Galaxy oil on wood painting - Galaxie pictura ulei pe lemn

This is my latest painting of a galaxy. It is an oil on wood painting I’ve made today

A painting of a galaxy and two planets

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Galaxy painting - Galaxie si planete pictura tempera

This is one of my galaxy paintings. I’ve made this painting of a galaxy and two planets a few years ago but I improved it today