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Monthly Archives: December 2019

The story of the self identified ice cream – A politically correct shit

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This is a politically correct shitOnce upon a time there was an unicorn and that unicorn has pooped and the shit started to identify as an ice cream.

The scientists came and after laboratory tests they concluded it is just a shit but the shit felt offended cause it still believed it is an ice cream and the trojan horse, oh sorry, unicorn has closed their mouth with the political correctness and then he, she or what ever it wanted to be has said:

– Hey you fascists! Stop insulting my ice cream. As long as it identifies as an ice cream it as an ice cream and you have to treat it like an ice cream. Eat it cause like you eat any other ice cream, with no discrimination.  It’s offensive to call this a shit as long as it is identifying as an ice cream.

If you read this story you will know what it is about so I don’t have to explain it