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Pegasus, acrylics on glass painting

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Pegasus acrylic on glass painting

Pegasus acrylic on glass painting

Today I’ve finished my acrylic on glass painting of a Pegasus, a horse with wings rising to the sky. I’ve made this after the endless discussions about the horse meat sold as beef . I thing the history is repeating and someone does what the Russians did by the 50s when they exterminated Romanian horses and used their meat  for the food industry be cause they wanted to destroy all the Romanian values that they could not take.

I don’t know who is killing the horses now and I cannot understand why animal rights organizations, who prevent Romanian authorities from solving the problem of the  half wild and dirty dogs that live on the streets in Bucharest and other Romanian cities, don’t react when it’s about horses or other animals.



Euphoria oil on glass painting

Earth and a galaxy, oil on glass 3d painting

Earth and a galaxy, oil on glass multilayer painting