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The death of Hypatia – killed by saint Kiril and his Christians

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The death of Hypatia, pencil drawing

I’m sorry if you find this pencil drawing offensive but this is real history. This is what saint Kiril and his Christians have done by the year 415. This is how they killed Hypatia, a scientist and a philosopher, a great mathematician and astronomer, the woman who has invented the hydrometer and the astrolabe. They did this be cause she was a very intelligent woman and the abrahamic   religions such as Christianity and Islam promote misogyny claiming that women are inferior and cannot create, that women are only for procreation. This is what saint Paul who was a very misogynous, homophobic intolerant and frustrated man has said in his letters to romans that are a part of the bible and this is what the Christians and the Muslims believe. Saint Paul was a gay male in denial and that’s why he hated gays who were happy the way they are (See his texts and the icon below). Paul was very judgmental hating almost everyone. He hated women, he hated gays, he even hated his own body and his own genitalia .  The whole bible was wrote by people like him or Moses (who was a criminal too), not by god and it’s sad that so many people believe in it. He wasn’t in harmony with the world be cause he wasn’t in harmony with himself and that why he was so full of hate and it’s texts that came from his inner struggle to be what he was not and interior conflicts, not from god have a strong influence on so many people.

Saint Peter and saint Paul in a byzantine icon, in a passionate embrace, almost kissing. If this is not gay than I am the pope from Vatican

This is what the Christians have done and now they pretend to be good and talk about love, peace ans wisdom. The Christianity like al the Abrahamic religions has spread like a cancer, like a disease be cause it was an aggressive religion, not be cause it comes from a good god. The Christians killed people for being scientists, witches, gays and lesbians or having the courage to admit the Earth is not flat and it’s rotating around the sun. This is then true face of Christianity.

Saint Cyril was a criminal who has brutally raped and killed a woman be cause she was smarter than many men instead of being a the slave of a man, accepting a subhuman inferior status, the condition the Christians put the women into.

The women who go to church every Sunday must know that this church and religion has been invented by immoral people like Kiril who had a very bad attitude towards women considering them inferior to men and behind the fake beautiful words such as love wisdom and peace they promoted hate war and ignorance and killed people for being witches, for being gay of lesbian and even for being to smart be cause the Cristians like all the followers of Abraham hate the truth, hate science and most of all they hate intelligent people.

The Cristians killed Hypatia and destroyed most of her work and the the Alexandria library and they did the same with the poetry of Sappho and many other things created by women be cause they wanted to erase women from history.

The Christianity has put the human civilization backwards and we still suffer from it’s consequences.

A world without Abrahamic religions would be a better place