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The dictators, Stalin and Hitler from Romania

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Stalin and Hitler from Romania, pencil drawing

Stalin and Hitler from Romania, pencil drawing

Hitler and Stalin were the most terrible dictators in the las t century. The world would have been a better place without them. This is my pencil drawing of a Hitler who is protecting Gigi Becali and other far right extremists who pretend to be liberal (this happens only in Romnia) and a Stalin who copied at the Phd and is the enemy of culture and art. Be cause of this Stalin who is our prime minister TVR Cultural was closed ant the association of the visual artists in Bucharest is loosing the art galleries where art could be displayed. Since this Stalin and this Hitler are ruling the country there is no place for art and many other activities here in Romania¬† and there are no jobs. They are are the enemies of art, agriculture and private initiative. They’ve put taxes even on the animals people at countryside have.