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The girl in my dream and the flower of life

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The flower of life 50x100cm oil on canvas fantasy painting of a nude woman rising from from a big flower and flying to the galaxy with the spiral of life around her. The woman in this painting looks like a girls I used to dream many times by the time I was a teenager even if I’ve never meet her



The flower of life, new oil on canvas painting

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The flower of life, 50×100 cm oil on canvas fantasy painting

This is my newest oil on canvas painting, a huge (50x100cm) painting of a beautiful young woman rising from a flower, the flower of life, with the spyral of life around her. She looks like the girl who was always in my dreams when I was a teenager but unfortunately I’ve never meet her in my real life, a young girl with white ski, blue eyes and long dark hair.

Before this painting I’ve made a ballpoint pen drawing of  “The flower of life”

The flower of life, ball point pen drawing