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How democratic is Romania? Artists in Romania can put their art on display only with governamental authorization

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Stalin and Hitler from Romania, pencil drawing

Stalin and Hitler from Romania, pencil drawing

The Romanian Artists Association has lost it’s gallery in the Herastrau Park in february this year, after the political changes that took place last year when the government changed and the anti european and pseudo liberal (He is pretending to be a liberal but he acts opposite to liberalism. He protected far right extremists like Gigi Becali and his true political views are not far from Hitler’s views) Crin Antonescu and Victor Ponta who is not far from Stalin as political views got the power. They changed all the people who worked in the state’s structures, from the ministries to the last guardian in the park and they made Bogdan Peter Tanase(a part of the mafia who had illegal buisiness with graves when he was leading the cimitires’ administration in Bucharest) the leader of Bucharest’s parks’ administration. The gallery was closed abusively by the Bucharest Park’s Administration under the pretext of a rehabilitation of the building that never happened. The videos below show the art galleries in Herastrau before and after their abusive closure

Now the gallery is still closed and they told us that we need governmental authorisation to put our art in display, so now in Romania art is censored. Televisions are censored and politically controlled too, the right of free expression being just empty forgotten words that still remained in a constitution that is not respected. Here in Romania the artists have no right of free expression through their art and no place to display it, not even on the street be cause they need authorizations over authorisations for an exhibition. An artist who put his art on display with no no authorization will get arrested by the police and fined. Do you thing this is democratic? I don’t know about other countries  and I am waiting for your comments. The only thing I know is that Russia, Ukraine and other countries in the eastern Europe do the same. Is democracy dieing in the Eastern Europe?