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Kiss the bride with pride

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Kiss the bride with pride, pencil drawing


Me in her arms, pencil drawing

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Me and my love, erotic pencil drawing

I wish she was next to me, holding me so tight, loving me. I wish she was real. I’ve made this pencil drawing in my lonely moments, dreaming of the love I am not allowed to have

The tree family

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A tree painted by a 7 years old school kid

This painting has been made by a school kid. These are not just trees. This is a family, the Little trees, the offsprings growing next to the big old tree, the parent

A queen’s portrait, pencil drawing

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Portretul unei regine desen in creion - Portrait of a queen pencil drawing

The fountain of love,fluorescent drawing and painting

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In love with a painted goddess

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Editat în Lumia Selfie

Me and the goddess

Her electric blue eyes looking straight at me make the desire like a rush and I stay almost paralised by this strong emotion in front of her. She is watching me, I am watching her and I feel I fall in love.

The great mother Earth goddess painting

The painting

Unfortunately she is just an image in a painting my friend Cristina has made last week. I helped her making the face to look more realistic and then Ițve seen in her the love I can only dream of, the love I am not allowed to have in my real life, the love that has a place only in my mind and in my art.


The portrait of the goddess with her fascinating blue eyes

When I painted her eyes and her smile full of meanings I started to imagine she is real and to fall in love with her. her eyes and her smile were also reminding me of a women I loved 2 years ago.I was standing in front of the painting and I started toching myself imagining she is in front of me, so close to me, holding me so tight and and the way she is looking in my eyes makes me feel loved and desired, then she is kissing me passionately, wildly.

Distorted erotic dreams

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Distorted erotic dreams, pencil drawing

Distorted erotic dreams, pencil drawing

This is one of my random pencil drawings. I’ve made it not watching the pencil and the paper and thinking about the love I cannot have, imagining I can feel her on top of me. She is touching me so deep and her touch takes me to another dimension of my mind. She turns me into a wave of the ocean, a volcano and a flame at the same time spinning my mind round and round, turning my world up side down and that’s why my image in this drawing is confusing and unclear. This drawing is about an emotion, a mixture of feelings and desire.