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Burebista, the king of Dacia, coffee painting

Undressing the girl with pearl earring painted by Jan Vermeer van Delft

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Girl with pearl earing, nude pencil drawing

We don’t know who she was but “The girl with pearl earring” painted by the Dutch painter Jan Vermeer van Delfthas inspired many artists over time. Many artists painted her portrait over and over again but I am the first one to draw her naked. This is my pencil drawing of the girl with pearl earring…  nude

The girl with pearl earring, the original painting

3 faces of the feminine beauty, 3 new female portrait paintings

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November summer, painting of a sleeping woman in the light of the morning sun

Innocent girl portrait painting

Innocent girl with wheat painting

Lindsay Lohan by the time she was a good girl

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My pencil drawing of Lindsay Lohan in 1998, when she was just 12


Do you remember those times back in 1998 when Lindsay Lohan was just 12 years old? By that time she didn’t smoke, she didn’t drink alcohol and drugs were far from her. By that time she was like an angel with natural red hair and blue eyes.
It’s so sad she didn’t remain like this. If only she could stay this was by that time. The same thing happened to Britney Spears was was an innocent little girl when she became famous but she has lost her purity and became a bad girl. This is what is happening when children or teenagers become stars to early in their lives, when they are not mature enough to know what is good and what is bad and start smoking drinking alcohol or taking drugs be cause of the influence of the young people around and the curiosity that is typical at that age

Some pencil portarit drawings

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Portret de primavara - Chipul primaverii o fecioara frumoasa ca o primavara desen in creion - Spring portrait pencil drawing Leeloo eyes Melancolie desen in creion Printesa asteptand si visand - Princess waiting and dreaming Portret de primavara Portret de fata cu crin Fata cu flori in parul ei impletit Portret de fata cu trandafiri in parul ei blond Chinezoaica blonda cu ochii albastrii si soim desen in creion Surorile - The sisters Portret de fata sexy cu lacrima in ochi Portretul iubitei zambind desn in creion Doua fete in haine de blana privindu-se cu iubire desen in creion Anna - portret in creion - pencil portrait Sanja Portret de iarna  in creion Portret de femeie musulmana Portretul unei regine de gheata O fata in creion Fata cu floarea Portret de femeie desen in creion O fata mirosind florile pline de parfum desen in creion Tiffany Fallon pencil drawing portrait Portret de toamna in creion portret de fata in creion Toamna desen in creion

Opium dream

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Opium dream - Fata cu maci desen

While reading Ligeia by Edgar Allan Poe I decided to call this drawing of a beautiful woman with Papaver somniferum (opium plant) flowers I’ve made in January "Opium dream" be cause it illustrates Poe’s words "She is beautiful like an opium dream"

Tiffany Fallon

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Tiffany Fallon pencil drawing portrait

This is my pencil portrait drawing of Tiffany Fallon.