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The depressive tree, coffee painting

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Singuratatea si depresie Copacul despresiv pictura facuta cu cafea

This is my coffee painting of a depressive tree, lonely and depressed like the person who stands under it. This is a tree that tries to keep it’s roots in the past being afraid of the future, almost broken by the wind of change that blows, a dark tree, dark like the sadness, a tree with no leafs and heavy branches that go down, a tree that looks like it’s crying

The mental tree, coffee painting

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Arborele mental pictura facuta cu cafea - The tree of the mind coffee painting

This is the tree of the mind that has the shape of a pyramidal neuronal cell, the tree that is in every human mind and that’s why psychologists use the tree test. When someone draws a tree he/she is drawing his/her mind because people tend to identify themselves with trees.

True friendship, coffee and chocolate painting

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Prietenie adevarata si calda picttura facuta cu cafea - Dinamica petelor de cafea - Close friends coffee painting Prietenie adevarata si calda picttura facuta cu cafea - Close friends coffee painting

This is my painting of the friendship between two souls who sustain each other, trust each other and help each other.

I’ve made this painting yeasterday using only coffee and dark chocolate.

Below it’s the second version of this coffee painting.

Prietenie adevarata pictura facuta cu cafea - Close friends coffee painting

The autumn portrait of Demeter painted with coffee

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Portretul Demetrei pictat cu cafea - Coffee painting of Demeter

This is a painting of Demeter I’ve made yesterday using only coffee