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Evil love

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Evil love, pencil drawing

Evil love, pencil drawing

She made me love her and we communicate at a deep telepathic level and I can almost see the darkness and negativity in her mind. I don’t know if she loves me or her love is just a mad obsession. Everything she is doing she says she is doing it for me. I love her but she fills my mind with dark energy. Her love is poison. Every time I slept next to her I had terrible nightmares of blood and human bodies cut into pieces. The first time I talked to her on the phone I dreamed a dark room where there was a wooden box and blood flowing from that box. I opened the box and I found a human body inside. She was a nurse in the emergency medicine and after that dream she started talking to me about the bodies and the horrible things she saw at work. She talks about blood horrible medical conditions and dead people with a creepy passion.  Her aura is black. My mind’s eye sees her as something black, infernal, dark like a black hole sucking my energy, something dark and sticky like pitch that is surrounding my body taking my wings, taking away my freedom, not allowing me to move anymore, like a monster taking me under ground, taking me to the darkness the way Hades took the innocent Kore to the underworld. Yes, she is like Hades, a creature of the darkness while I am innocent like Kore (the maiden name of Persephone) and it was my innocence that attracted her. I thought the nightmares and the dark perceptions about her were just in mind but when she started talking about bodies turned into pieces, scarry medical conditions, horrible accidents, scenes of rape and extreme violence (she said she was brutally raped in her childhood) and many other terrible things and when I saw how furious she became when I said I don’t wanna go to the hotel with her I realised my 6th sense was right and all these nightmares and perceptions were not signs of madness, they warned me about the truth. Almost all of my friends told me she might be a psycho All I know now is I have to get rid of this love and leave her behind to get my happiness back.

About Korinna

I am an artist and a verry sensitive person. I use to draw and paint since I was almost 14. I use to draw and paint all the things I dream of but I can never reach. For me art is the most beautiful way to express my deepest feelings and toughts. By my art I create my own world, the only place where I can be myself.There are many other things to say but I thing my art can describe me better than words

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