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Saint Peter and saint Paul

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Saint Peter and saint Paul, drawing

I’ve made this drawing starting from a byzantine icon depicting the two saints in an intimate embrace, almost kissing, to close and to intimate for two heterosexual men. This is the original icon.

This is the icon I am talking about. As you see the saints resemble two lovers but the christians refuse to see this. I thing saint Paul was a repressed gay man and that’s why he hated gays who lived the way the wanted to live and women so much. Saint Paul was not in harmony with his own body and his own feelings and this made him so full of hate spreading hate all around. It’s sad that even today many people believe in his misogynous and homophobic words  that came from his inner frustrations, not from God. I am not the only one who has noticed this be cause it to obvious. Watch this and you will find out more. Hope this will open your eyes and your mind.

Saint Paul was one of the homophobes  who are homosexual deep inside but don’t want to admit that.

About Korinna

I am an artist and a verry sensitive person. I use to draw and paint since I was almost 14. I use to draw and paint all the things I dream of but I can never reach. For me art is the most beautiful way to express my deepest feelings and toughts. By my art I create my own world, the only place where I can be myself.There are many other things to say but I thing my art can describe me better than words

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  1. It’s the kiss of peace. The same one that you mainly see exchanged in the East to this day.

  2. Obviously the stylized painting was not taken from a photograph and therefore the artist is possibly lending his/her interpretation on events to promote their own view or to discredit the subject matter, Either way who cares they are both either in heaven with Jesus as promised or buried in the ground. Faith is about ones own relationship first with Jesus and then the world, we all do the best we can and often fail due to weakness or frailty – Sinners saved by grace no matter what the sin so really who gives a bugger we have better things to do than worry about who did what 2000 years ago.


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