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A new pen drawing of Elise

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This is the way I imagine Elise, the muse of the song Fur Elise, the woman who inspired Ludwig van Beethoven, a young beautiful woman white soft skin, big brown eyes and long brown curly hair Everytime I listen to Fur Elise I almost can see Elise laying on a white silk bed with white roses around her. Every time I listen to this song the bright pure white image of Elise comes to my mind and all I wish is to be with her,feel her delicate body and touch her white soft skin




About Korinna

I am an artist and a verry sensitive person. I use to draw and paint since I was almost 14. I use to draw and paint all the things I dream of but I can never reach. For me art is the most beautiful way to express my deepest feelings and toughts. By my art I create my own world, the only place where I can be myself.There are many other things to say but I thing my art can describe me better than words

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