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The icon of the sin

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The icon of the sin, pencil drawing

This is my pencil drawing of a young woman who is hiding the sin behind her fake saint image, like many religious people do. Many religious people are just hiding the sin behind their innocent masks and holly principles they don’t even respect not admiting the fact that what they call “sin” is in the human nature. This is representing the fake saints who judge the others for things they also do behind their religious masks and lies.

About Korinna

I am an artist and a verry sensitive person. I use to draw and paint since I was almost 14. I use to draw and paint all the things I dream of but I can never reach. For me art is the most beautiful way to express my deepest feelings and toughts. By my art I create my own world, the only place where I can be myself.There are many other things to say but I thing my art can describe me better than words

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